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ID Theft 102: Your Risk Of Becoming A Victim 
Whether you know it or not - everyone is at risk for having their identity stolen.  Depending on your day-to-day actions you may be more or less at risk than the next person.  Even infant, children and teenagers are at risk.

Your Chances Of Having Your Identity Stolen Are Higher - If… 
  • You receive pre-approved credit card offers in the mail. 
  • You use your debit card to pay bills or shop online. 
  • You use an unlocked mailbox. 
  • You carry your SS card in your wallet. 
  • You or your family members visit social networking sites. 
  • You or your family download programs, music, photographs or videos. 
  • You use old internet browsers for your computer. 
  • You use your credit or debit cards when traveling. 
  • You don’t use a shredder for your financial statements. 
  • You recently moved or changed addresses. 
  • You have enrolled for services or financing on the internet. 
  • You carry a Military ID or Health Insurance ID that displays your SSN.

Want to know how at risk you are for having your identity stolen?  We have developed a simple quiz that may open your eyes:  Click here

Reasons why you need identity theft protection today...
  • Most victims are overwhelmed by the complexity of procedures necessary to undo the damage of identity theft.  The average person who does not have protection spends 175 hours of their own personal time recovering from identity theft. 
  • Law enforcement doesn't investigate many such crimes.  There's just too much identity fraud occurring for them to handle all such cases, although the financial fraud departments of many police departments are being expanded. 
  • Many police and sheriff's departments refuse to issue a police report to the victims.  They claim that the banks and credit card companies are the real victims because they suffer the financial losses.  Many victims find they need the police report to prove their innocence to the credit card companies and the check guarantee services. 
  • Many victims report they do not get effective help from the credit grantors, banks, and the Credit Reporting Agencies.  They describe difficulty in reaching the credit reporting agencies, and tell how they are treated with disbelief by some creditors.  Victims also report that flagging their credit report for fraud doesn't always stop the imposter from obtaining more credit. 
  • Victims must also deal with abusive collection agencies.  They are threatened with law suits, have their wages garnished, and sometimes have their homes taken away from them. 
  • It's little wonder that victims feel violated, helpless and angry.  They are unable to rent an apartment, get a job, qualify for a mortgage or buy a car - all because someone else's bad credit history is recorded on their credit report.  Essentially the entire burden of this crime is placed on the shoulders of the victims.

Why Thieves Do It 

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