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How to handle shredding documentation at work is a little tricky.  Depending on the nature of your business or the state in which you are located, you may be required to retain certain documentation for specific periods of time.  Please check with your CPA, attorney, state's Secretary of State office or an industry trade association for their recommendations on document retention.

However, a good rule of thumb to follow is: when customer or employee information is headed for the trash, destroy it if it contains information that you would not want made public about yourself.  Documents that contain names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, account balances, health conditions or other personal information should always be shredded.

The following list contains a good sampling of documentation or information, commonly found at work, that should always be considered for shredding.  When in doubt, ask your supervisor or ask yourself if you have access to the same documentation or information in another way.  If so, shred it.
  • Account records and ledgers
  • Activity sheets
  • Advertising
  • Applications
  • Appraisals, product testing, etc.
  • Bank statements
  • Bids and quotes
  • Budgets
  • Business plans
  • Canceled checks
  • Client lists
  • Contact lists
  • Contracts
  • Corporate records
  • Corporate tax records
  • Correspondence
  • Customer records
  • Disciplinary reports and promotions
  • Educational reports
  • Expense reports
  • Financial statements
  • Forecasts
  • Formulas, product plans and tests
  • General service information
  • Health and safety reports
  • Internal reports
  • Legal Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • Magnetic media
  • Manuals
  • Maps and blueprints
  • Marketing plans
  • Medical records
  • Microfilm and microfiche
  • New product information
  • Payroll documents
  • Payroll information
  • Payroll statements
  • Performance appraisals
  • Personnel files
  • Plastic credit and ID cards
  • Reports
  • Research and development reports
  • Sales forecasts
  • Specification drawings
  • Strategic Reports
  • Supplier information
  • Supplier purchase orders
  • Supplier records
  • Supplier specifications
  • Test scores and class rosters
  • Training information
  • Treatment programs

Click here for a printable version of this list.  Otherwise:  What To Shred At Home

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