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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
Protect Your Identity.
Protecting your identity is the reason for our existence.  Understanding how thieves will fraudulently use your identity, will help you understand how SOLUS protects it.  Identity Theft or Identity Fraud is taking a victim's identity to: 
  • Withdraw money or make purchases with an existing account. 
  • Open new accounts to obtain credit or take out a loan. 
  • Establish new accounts with financial institutions, utility companies, wireless carriers, etc. 
  • Obtain employment using your good record. 
  • Use your valuable health insurance benefits for their own purposes. 
  • Commit a crime using your identity or use your identity when caught committing a crime. 
  • And, much more…

Your good name, your credit history, your health, your job - all define who you are as a person – they define your identity.  Beyond defining your identity, each of these is an important component of your life.  SOLUS believes that by Protecting Your Identity – we help you to Protect Your Life

How we go about protecting your identity can best be described by our mission to Monitor, Protect and Restore your identity. 

Identity Theft Protection by SOLUS - this is What We Do…
  • Monitor:  We monitor your most personal information to catch identity theft right away.  Our Credit Monitoring service alerts you at the first signs of financial danger.
  • Protect:  We protect you from identity thieves so you know the moment they are attempting to use your identity.  Furthermore, we believe knowledge is power – so we endeavor to provide the most current information regarding all facets of identity theft.  Additionally, we protect your peace of mind – with access to trauma counselors to help deal with the stress of becoming a victim.
  • Restore:  When you become a victim, of identity theft, we do everything on your behalf to restore your identity and prevent any further damage.  Because identity theft has so many variations – we provide critical, comprehensive restoration services to deal with the theft – regardless of the type or circumstances.

All this, to protect your most valuable asset – Your Identity. 
Protect yourself today! While your identity is still your own! Enroll Now 

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