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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
Referral Programs 
Have friends or contacts who need SOLUS?  Understand our story and want to help spread the word?  Would you like to get compensated for doing so?

We understand that you can help us spread the word about the true nature of identity theft and the everyday risks we all face for becoming a victim.  For that very reason, we designed programs, for individual members and larger organizations or companies, that properly reward you for referrals.

Sleep well at night knowing you have done your part to help your friends or colleagues protect themselves from the fastest growing crime in America.  Imagine their feelings of gratitude as they learn about the true risks identity theft and how to properly protect their identities, their lives and those of their families. 

Start right now, by learning more about these programs - click the appropriate link(s) below.
  Otherwise, learn more about the SOLUS story and the true strengths of our Identity Theft Protection.

Refer a Friend
For SOLUS Platinum Members - during the first 12 months of your membership, refer at least twelve people, who become Platinum Members themselves - and we will extend your Platinum protection membership term by a full year.

Affiliate Program
A web-based program for businesses or organizations with a significant online presence - add a banner ad, button or link to your website, and start earning referral income immediately.

By combining and customizing components of our Group Protections Plans and our Affiliate Program - SOLUS provides a solution that delivers identity theft protection throughout your entire organization.

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