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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
Your good name, your credit history, your health, your job - all define who you are as a person – they define your identity.  At the same time – these components, of your identity, provide the foundation for your life, and that of your family.  For this very reason...
Protecting your identity provides protection for your life.Enroll Now 

Your good name...
provides you respect and dignity.  It precedes you, wherever you go, and remains behind, wherever you have been.  It affords you trust from others – family, friends, work associates and casual acquaintances.  But like trust – your good name takes years to build but can come tumbling down, in an instant, with one small violation.

Your credit history...
affords you the ability to maintain your lifestyle.  Let’s face it – we live in a credit driven society.  A clean credit history provides lower interest rates and better loan terms when purchasing a home or a car.  Your credit history is a factor in the types and costs of insurance products you may qualify for.  Most employers check credit as part of a pre-employment screening process.  In fact, you typically can’t open a bank account or get a new credit card without some sort of credit check.  One blemish, or many, can and will impact your ability to provide for yourself and your family.

Your health...
is critical to your survival and to the enjoyment of your life.  Today’s complex health insurance procedures create anxiety and confusion.  As such, we often don’t fully understand the processes & procedures required for utilizing the benefits of our health insurance.  This opens a wide door for a clever thief – who may seek to use your benefits or name when seeking benefits.

Your job...
without it, you simply can’t put food on your table or pay your bills.  Imagine not being able to obtain a job because of a fraudulent criminal or credit record created by a thief who stole your identity.  Imagine not getting a promotion due to having a bad name.  Imagine not being able to open a business because of a failed background check?

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