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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
SOLUS’ Protection provides around-the-clock surveillance for unlawful use of your social security number and other sensitive data – scanning your credit profile for cell phone, credit card, loan, and other applications fraudulently submitted in your name.

We monitor your most personal information to catch identity theft right away - alerting you at the first signs of financial danger.  With real-time, 24/7 credit detection, you will be automatically alerted via email regarding changes to your credit report, such as: 
  • New accounts opened in your name 
  • Changes to existing accounts 
  • Inquiries into your credit file 
  • Address changes 
  • New collection accounts 
  • Credit limit increases 
  • Changes to public records

Our Platinum Protection provides a full suite of Credit Monitoring benefits designed to alert you of any changes to your credit report and provide an ongoing informational, credit-oriented resource including credit report review.

Self-monitoring, via increased awareness, will also help with this endeavor.  Unusual or unexplained circumstances can be the first signs of a potential identity breach.  Here is what to look for: 
  • Unusual purchases on credit cards 
  • Denial for a loan or credit for no apparent reason 
  • Bank statements & personal records that don’t agree 
  • Unexplained change of access codes, passwords or pin numbers 
  • Credit card bills or other confidential mail that do not arrive when expected
  • Unusual calls regarding personal financial information or purchases you did not make
  • Unexplained changes on telephone or other consumer accounts

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