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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
The SOLUS Platinum Protection features the following identity restoration services.  These attend to each part of the identity recovery process; guiding you through the web of procedures that are necessary to recover from identity theft and restore your identity.  Here are the actions we will take on your behalf, with your authorization:

Collect The Facts
  • Provide unlimited 24/7 telephone access so we're there when you need us
  • Complete an initial needs assessment with you to determine if a fraud or theft has occurred
  • Capture all necessary information to act immediately on your behalf
  • Provide an ID Theft Action Kit to explain all the steps we'll take to recover your identity

Contact Authorities
  • Provide to you and help you fill out an ID Theft Affidavit 
  • Submit the ID Theft Affidavit, on your behalf, to the proper authorities
  • Report your identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Notify the US Postal Inspector
  • File a criminal report with the local authorities and the Social Security Administration
  • Provide you with assistance in filing or submitting paperwork for special ID Theft Protective measures, specific to your state of residence

Restore Your Good Credit
  • Provide to you and help you fill out and submit an ID Theft Affidavit on your behalf to credit bureaus and creditors
  • Forward filed criminal report to creditors
  • Notify all three major credit reporting agencies of the ID theft
  • Help you place a "Fraud Alert" on your credit report
  • Cancel and replace checks, ATM, and credit cards
  • Review "real-time" credit report with you and identify any fraudulent accounts of activity
  • Help you create a list of creditors that need to be contacted
  • Contact creditors with itemized fraudulent account statements for each fraudulent occurrence and/or notify the fraud department at each creditor
  • Place a “security freeze” on your credit records, in states where such laws were passed

Personal Document / Identification Replacement
  • If other forms of identification were stolen or missing, we will help you obtain replacements
  • These might include: ATM card, Driver's License, Social Security Card and/or Passport
  • As such, we will notify, or assist you, in notifying the appropriate bank or agency of the situation; so that they may take appropriate action and reissue a new form of identification

Translation Services – 26 Languages Spoken
  • Provide translators if you are traveling internationally and need help communicating with local law enforcement to report an incident of identity theft
  • Provide translators if you are not a fluent English speaker

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SOLUS Identity Theft Protection safeguards the components of your identity most critical to your life:
  Your good name…
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  Your health…
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