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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
Group Protection Plans 
In search of a comprehensive identity theft protection to add to your existing benefits package?

Building on the core strengths of our personal identity theft protection - SOLUS delivers group plans for a variety of situations.  Plans designed to deliver identity theft protection to groups of individuals, and their families, through existing  business or organization channels.  Likewise, these plans can be customized to deliver a specific level of protection or desired cost.

Read the headlines or watch the news, the problem of identity theft is growing rapidly and like other personal risks - cannot be eliminated.  Chances are the vast majority of your group's members don't understand their risk of becoming a victim.  Furthermore, members of your group have aleady been victimized - some don't even know it yet.

Only a best-in-class solution will do - SOLUS Identity Theft Protection.  Whether your goal is to provide protection for employees, associates, team-mates, customers, peers or donors - SOLUS can customize a Group Protection Plan to suit your needs.

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Otherwise, learn more about the key features of the SOLUS Identity Theft Protection or visit our press room for additional media content and downloads.

Company Employee Benefit Plans
The SOLUS solution provides your employees broad-spectrum identity theft protection and piece of mind while protecting your business' bottom line.

Company & Financial Institution Customers
Build customer loyalty while protecing your customer's identity and their ability to utilize your business services.

Membership Clubs & Associations
For social clubs and trade or professional associations, enhance your member benefits package by offering comprehensive identity theft protection to all your members.

Charity Organizations & Foundations
Show care and concern, build loyalty and insure future giving by providing comprehensive identity protection for workers & donors - maybe earn income too.

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Group Plans Brochure 
Learn more about the group protection solutions delivered by SOLUS with our SOLUS Group Protection Plans Brochure
full-color, four page PDF brochure.

Please contact us to request a hard-copy brochure and additional group plan information.
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