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SOLUS: Identity Theft Protection
Looking for a unique solution that delivers personal identity theft protection throughout your entire organization - both internal and external?

SOLUS Identity Theft Protection delivers customized partnership solutions - designed specifically for you, around an easily executed implementation strategy.  As our story indicates, we deliver answers and solutions in the form of comprehensive identity theft protection - mitigating risk and increasing awareness. 

As an example, beginning with your employees, contractors and associates - we design a partnership plan that protects their lives and that of their families. Add to that, a program that delivers identity theft protection to your customers.  Do you see the foundation of our partnership begining to develop?  By customizing one of our additional Group Protection Plans, we can deliver protection directly through your customer account channel.  Additionally reaching more customers voluntarily via your website utilizing our Affiliate Program.

By integrating our plans and programs to deliver you a customized solution, SOLUS delivers a true partnership that increases the strength of your team, organization and brand.  Oh, did we forget to mention:  By becoming a SOLUS Partner - you're eligible for an increased "Partner's Only" commission structure from our Affiliate Program, in addition to that of any customized voluntary protection offerings to your customers. 

Read the headlines or watch the news, the problem of identity theft is growing rapidly and like other personal risks - cannot be eliminated.  This is exacerbated by a general lack of knowledge related to the true nature and risks of identity theft; and what steps can be taken to help minimize that risk and protect your identity.

Contact us today about the exciting SOLUS Partnership opportunity!

Learn more about our Group Protection Plans and Referral Programs:
  • Company Employee Benefit Plans - protecting your employees and your business, delivering piece of mind. learn more 
  • Financial Institutions - building customer loyalty for banks, credit unions, finance companies & lenders. learn more
  • Membership Clubs & Associations -  protection as an added benefit for members of social clubs & trade associations. learn more
  • Charity Organizations & Foundations - showing your concern by providing identity protection for workers & donors. learn more
  • Affiliate Program - offer SOLUS identtity theft protection via your website & generate additional income. learn more 
  • Refer a Friend - Platinum members who refer 12 new members earn 1 free year of protection. learn more
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